Crack O Dawn

Crack O Dawn – March 4, 2016

this episode is no longer available


Host Barbara Golden focuses on computer and electronic music with a blend of talk and music, mostly music.


John BischoffNext Tone Please, Between Two Buildings, Artificial HorizonModern Hits by John BischoffOther Minds
Jim HortonSimulated Winds and CriesSimulated Winds and CriesArtifact
Listening#4 w William Winant, #7 w Jody Diamond, #17 w Larry Polanskyfour-voice canonsCold Blue
David BehrmanRunthroughTransmigration MusicCentaur
Mary Oliver and Johanna Varnerbedtme storyJOMOImitative Music
Peer Bode, Andrew Deutsch, Pauline OliverosCarrierCarrierDeep Listening
Jim HortonRebirthSimulated Winds and CriesArtifact
Larry PolanskyMelodies, w Nick Didkovsky, Greg Anderson, Leo CiesaChangeArtifact
Larry PolanskyPiano Study #5 (for Just Fender Rhodes)ChangeArtifact
John BischoffAudio WaveModern Hits by John BischoffOther Minds
John BischoffSpace DetailModern Hits by John BischoffOther Minds
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