Cover to Cover Open Book

Cover to Cover Open Book with Nina Serrano – January 3, 2018

Special One-Hour Cover to Cover program, part two.
Sretna Nova godina—Happy New Year in Serbo-Croatian! Another year rolls round our earth dwelling, bringing hope—we hope. Nina and Jack return with their call and responsive fol-de-rol, poems, songs, snappy patter all springing from KPFA’s interwoven pair. Serrano and Foley give out with the new vaudeville. Or as James Joyce wrote, riffing on “Rings on her fingers, / Bells on her toes, / She shall have music / Wherever she goes”:
Sevensinns in her singthings
Plurabells on her prose
Seashell ebb music
Wayriver she flows
This is from Nina:
On New Year’s Day Unicorns Fly
The year ends in pajamas
and nibbles of holiday leftovers

and tying up loose ends

Tossing out clutter that gets in the way

of winged unicorns preparing for flight

and the soaring journey of the herd

Lured by the glittering cosmos above

they take a galloping start

leaving footprints in the dust of dawn

and marks in time.
And this is from Jack:
Praise to the intersection
Of High Art
With Comic Book
Praise to the woman
Telling a woman
’s story
Praise to the skill
That refuses to stay within
Unnecessary boundaries
And leaps to make clear
A woman’s life.
Trotsky “was one of those
Who touch your thighs
Under the table”
Diego “slept with everybody”
“Are you also Jewish,
Mr. Ford?”
Vanna and Frida merge
To tell Death everything,
Show everything
Under the Tehuana gown
Retablo images
Votive offerings
At the shrine
Of Myth
Where Myth
And Frida
Has made Literature
The realm of words
With pictures
I saw wonders
In comic books
When I was a child
I see them now
In this book
Of drawings,
Lonely, lovely images.
Praise to the Communists
Praise to Frida
Praise to her anger
And to her sexual adventures.
Praise even to her Pain
And the complex
That drove her.
Red flag
On the coffin;
Clenched fist
At the love touch.
I saw your mirror
At Coyoacán.

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