Cover to Cover Open Book

Cover to Cover Open Book – February 6, 2019

Another session with that pair of pals, Serrano and Foley. Who said that Vaudeville was dead? Not on their show. They have many a new trick up their old sleeves and many a word to say. Valentine’s Day will not be forgotten. Nor will the amazing political developments that fly this way and that way in the battlefield called Pelosi and Trump. This show may well ask, Whatever happened to the United States of America? Didn’t there used to be a country with a name like that?
Nina writes,
Dear Canine Companion
Dear canine companion
Always greeting me in dog song
Dancing a jubilation
Dog of loyalty and courage
Always the leader
Curling up on a blanket
Burying yourself in its folds
Never backing down in a confrontation
Barking up a storm
Protecting us from unseen enemies
A vigilant presence
Smooth and sleek
Racing ahead to sniff
The next tree stump or pole
Pulling on the leash
Because I was too slow
Dear dog true to your breed
Following your honed instincts
Rolling over in the grass
Covering your poop
Licking your sleek shining fur
Barking up a storm
To keep us safe and accompanied
You will be missed
Always remembered
And always loved
Women’s March 2019
I am left behind
The women of the world
march forward without me
I am ditched on the curb
making way for
piercing barriers
breaking taboos
of burdensome shackles
Creating a zigzag and roundabout road
to the future
What is desired
longed for
wafts by
as an elusive fragrance
a gentle suggestion
Fluttering seldom perching
hovering nearby
never landing
to stay
just to sip and suck
and leave to return
And Jack:
After Argüelles’ Twilight Cantos 20 & 21
brother to brother speaks from beyond the grave
time is lost time seeds turn to flower and decay and then arise again
time is your fingertips each touch brings death closer
“it is night I am lost” “what is left of your face your face”
how is it possible to be alive
the dead tree stands outside my window and trembles with the wind its branches
forever bare no leaves but it will not fall
I saw it planted so many years ago
“where the seed trembles coming to be”
unfailing resonance in the words of this dear man
“why can’t I hear what the leaves are saying”—
“What do you want when you want a wall?”
Said ’Frisco’s Nancy Pelosi
“Do you want to keep out anyone at all
Or is it political folderol?”
“I want a BIG wall,” said the Donald.
“And will this big wall compensate at all”
Said ’Frisco’s Nancy Pelosi
“For the many times that you trip and fall
For the lies that you constantly tell to all
For the fact you’re the worst president of all?”
“I want a BIG wall,” said the Donald.
“Well, you’re not gonna get your wall at all”
Said Madam Speaker Pelosi
“For asking those billions you’ve got some gall
Is it because there is something SMALL
That you have to make up for and so you stall—
As a president you get a low C.”
“I want a BIG wall,” said the Donald.
“I want a BIG wall, I want such a wall
As nobody ever has seen at all
To keep all those Mexicans deep in thrall
(Devious drug dealing Mexicans all!)
My father gave me a lot of dough
Why won’t Congress keep up the flow
Why is it such a terrible pill
I’m asking only a mere five bil
Dear Nance, how the future will be so rosy
When everyone’s White we can be real cozy
And after all,
’Twill be MY wall…”
“We’ll see if it will,” said Pelosi.

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