Bebop, Cubop and The Musical Truth

Bebop, Cubop and The Musical Truth – August 8, 2017

this episode is no longer available


Exploring a variety of textures with a cross pollination of jazz, world, and Latin influences, hosted by Avotcja.


Andy Adamson QuintetVelvet SunsetFirst LightAndros Records
Carmen Lundy The Island, The Sea & YouCode NoirAfrasia
Ron Francis BlakeLa Llave (Zambiando)AssimulationHSH High Speed Horns
Silvestre MartinezVengo de LaCosta Vengo de La CostacHANKIKI rECORDS
Silvestre MartineziNCERTIDUMBLEVengo de LaC ostacHANKIKI rECORDS
Silvestre MartinezTu Mirada / La Terdera RaizVengo de La CostacHANKIKI rECORDS
Janea<Bunnett & MaquequeAIN'T nO sUNSHINEQJanea<Bunnett & MaquequeJustin Time
Build An ArkWhen Ancestors speakDawnShaman Works
Kekkye GrayMorningRenderingGrr8 Records
Yuba Ire Es Yuba IreEsta Es<Mi Rumba
Yuba IreEs Yuba IreEsta Es<Mi RumbaRYQZ
The Musical Art Quintet ? Destiny Muhammad Mama Kala / Journey In SatchidanandaChamber Con Alma / The JourneyClassical Revolution / The Harpist from The Hood
Destiny MuhammadBlu NileThe JourneyThe Harpist from The Hood
Pacific Mambo OrchestraSukaraLive From Stern Grove FestivalPMO
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