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APEX Express – January 30, 2020: South Asia Spotlight: The Citizenship Amendment Act: A Conversation With Journalist Rohini Mohan

Journalist and Author Rohini Mohan

Tonight’s South Asia Spotlight: Last month, the far right Hindu government, the BJP, passed the Citizenship Amendment Act or the CAA, an amendment to the 1955 Citizenship Act. This Act violates multiple sections of India’s constitution by making religion a test for citizenship, specifically excluding Muslims.


The passage of the Act saw an explosion of student led protests across campuses in India, as well as mass peaceful mobilizations by civil society activists in big cities and small towns across the country. What does the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) mean for a changing India?


What is the National Register of Citizens or the NRC? Why have there been such a remarkable surge of protests not just in India but across the world including by the South Asian diaspora in the US? Listen to a conversation APEX Express producer Preeti Mangala Shekar had with journalist and author Rohini Mohan.

Women Protestors At Shaheen Bagh: A remarkable aspect of the protests have been the huge leadership of women
A lit up map cutout of India at Shaheen Bagh, New Delhi


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