Africa Today

Africa Today – July 27, 2015

A weekly news program providing information and analysis about Africa and the African Diaspora, hosted by Walter Turner.

  • Greg Allen Getty

    Gerald Horne’s ‘counter-revolution of 1776’ thesis gets no agument from me…good guest to have on…but why does he shy away from the implications here…is he really so clueless on a subject this audience has some knowledge of…notably the ‘blind eye’ being wielded by the first guest and oil war media drones who feign a dark ages innability to count…the ‘million’ victims’ of the Rwanda holocaust could only include 1 Tutsi among 3 or 4 Hutu’s notwithstanding the first guest turning that fact on its head to blindly goad the beast to act…so the reversal of roles in that recolonization…obscuring guilt…and the painting out the American hand behind Paul Kagame and Museveni Uganda’s 1990-94 invasion of Rwanda being wielded by both guest needs calling out.

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