Across the Great Divide

Across the Great Divide – March 10, 2019

this episode is no longer available


Music among friends. Folk and acoustic music. Singer/songwriters. Familiar songs and the New from home and across the sea. Stories of Life, Struggle, and Humor. Hosted by Kevin Vance.


Kate WolfAcross The Great DivideWeaver of VisionsRhino
Niamh Parsons and The Loose ConnectionsThe Briar And The RoseLoosen UpGreen Linnet
RelativityWhen Barney Flew Over The HillsRelativityGreen Linnet
KitkaTec Peleite Zernju Zogtu (Latvia)WintersongsDiaphonica
Miriam MakebaEmbhaceniSangomaWarner Bros
Irene FarreraLlena De TantoAlma LatinaRedwood
AltanMcFarley's /Mill Na MaidiHarvest StormGreen Linnet
KitkaByla Cesta (Moravia)WintersongsDiaphonica
Miriam MakebaBaxabene OxamuSangomaWarner Bros
Capercailliefisherman's dreamSidewaulkGreen Linnet
Irene FarreraLa MazaAlma LatinaRedwood
KitkaDomnulet Si Doma Din Cer (Romanian)WintersongsDiaphonica
Miram MakebaNgalala PhantsiSangomaWarner Bros
Trianthe air tune / the cliff dwellers/ cutting the wavesTrian IIGreen Linnet
Irene FarreraEl PajarilloAlma LatinaRedwood
KitkaZamuchi Se Bozha Majka (Bulgaria)WintersongsDiaphonica
Miriam MakebaIhoyiyaSangomaWarner Bros
SileasPuirt A BeulBeating HarpsGreen Linnet
Irene FarreraRabo De NubeAlma LatinaRedwood
KitkaAlilo (Gerogia)WintersongsDiaphonica
Miriam MakebaKulo NyakaSangomaWarner Bros
TouchstoneJack HaggertyThe New LandGreen Linnet
Irene FarreraSegun El FavorAlma LatinaRedwood
KitkaMa Navu (Israel)WintersongsDiaphonica
Miriam MakebaBaya JabulaSangomaWarner Bros
Joanie Maddencat's meow / partners in crimeA Whistle on the WindGreen Linnet
Irene FarreraAlfonsina Y El MarAlma LatinaRedwood
KitkaOtche Nash (Russia, Bulgaria)WintersongsDiaphonica
Miriam MakebaMabhongoSangomaWarner Bros
Cherish The LadiesLord MayoNew Day DawningGreen Linnet
Irene FarreraLos LaurelesAlma LatinaRedwood
KitkaBetlehem Betlehem (Hungary)WintersongsDiaphonica

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