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The Brain, Memory, and Dementia

Nurse Rona will be joined by Josh Kornbluth, who is currently engaged in a year-long residency as a scholar at the Global Brain Health Institute. He is spending time with people who have dementia, their caregivers, researchers, nurses, and social workers. They will be joined by Dr. Jennifer Yokoyama, an Assistant Professor at the UCSF Memory and Aging Center

  • Noelle

    The be here in the moment perspective of those with dementia that you talked about is really helping me try to deal with the reality that my dad who has been diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment. I see he is not as he was and it’s been hard for me to accept. He told me he knows his mind is not as it was and that is difficult for someone like him who has always been extremely intelligent and sharp. Thank you Josh, for taking on this new project, your insights are valuable(I’ve been a long-time fan of yours).

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