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ADHD: What Everyone Needs To Know

ADHDThere is much misinformation and skepticism about ADHD, especially since the rates of diagnosis are skyrocketing throughout the world. In the book, ADHD: What Everyone Needs To Know, the authors Stephen Hinshaw and Katherine Ellison examines both the reality of ADHD and the societal forces pushing rates of diagnosis to alarmingly high levels. Join me on Monday January 4th and call in with your questions at 1-800-958-9008. 

I will have an in depth conversation with Stephen Hinshaw, PhD, an internationally recognized research investigator of child and adolescent disorder, an award-winning teacher, scholar, and author.

2 responses to “ADHD: What Everyone Needs To Know

  1. Thank you! As a man raising global awareness with just under 150,000 followers on Twitter and a book coming, my own misdiagnosis by an entire team could have destroyed my life! It’s time to address mis & over-diagnosing as much as proper, slow, THOROUGH diagnosing ruling many other things out first. Always.

  2. Thank you! My father has severe ADHD and it wreaked havoc on our entire family. Childhood, adolescence and early adulthood was a nightmare as a result of the chaos that was caused by the affects of his disorder. Now in his 80’s my siblings and I still have to intervene in his impulsivity and prevent him from making castastrophic decisions. It was only through my own education on the matter that I understood the root of his behaviour and am sad that he was not diagnosed earlier as it had very tragic consequences for members of my family.

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