Pushing Limits

Special Broadcast; Music

The Empowered Fefes (Films)

 Three award-winning films made by young disabled women in Chicago.  FeFe is a word for female, and these women live up their names by telling folks how it is when it comes to being a young African-American woman, with disabilities growing up in the,  Windy City. Funny truthful and poignant, these films ooze with disability pride and empowerment.

Speaking of empowerment,  how about feeling empowered to  strap a  Pushing Limits bumper sticker to your weal chair, cane, Segway or hot red convertible. Well on tomorrow’s  show, you can stock up on your fill of stickers, Empowered FeFes DVD’s, and other items that will be available if you donate to the radio station that is  empowered by sweet radical –left wing goodness  for the past 60+ years,  For more information on tomorrow show go to

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