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Supreme Court Guts Voting Rights Act, Sparking Fears of Rollback for Minorities Long After Jim Crow; Texas Showdown: Anti-Abortion Bill Fails After Protesters Fill Capitol to Cheer Marathon Filibuster; Obama’s Climate Plan: A Historic Turning Point or Too Reliant on Oil, Coal, Natural Gas?

June 26, 2013

    Supreme Court Strikes Down Key Section of Voting Rights Act
    Obama Unveils Climate Plan, Ties Keystone Decision To Carbon Impact
    Putin: Russia Won’t Hand Over Snowden to U.S.
    U.S., Russia Fail to Agree on Syria Conference
    Mandela in Critical Condition as Obama Leaves for Africa Trip
    Texas Anti-Abortion Bill Fails After Marathon Filibuster, Protest
    120 Arrested in North Carolina’s Largest “Moral Monday” Yet; Right-Wing Group Profiles Protesters
    Dem Rep. Ed Markey Wins Massachusetts Senate Election
    Gov’t Denies Compassionate Release to Jailed Civil Rights Attorney Lynn Stewart


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