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Women’s Magazine – April 23, 2007

Poetry and Secretaries: A Time to Celebrate and Commemorate

In the first half hour, Women’s Magazine continues celebrating National Poetry Month with artists including Lucille Clifton, who celebrates African American heritage and feminist themes; Jayne Cortez, who puts much of her political, musical and surreal poetry to the music of the Firespitters; poet musician Joy Harjo, an enrolled member of the Muskogee Indigenous people; Ofelia Zepeda, a member of the Tohono O’odham Nation; and Shanghai-born Wang Ping.

In the second half hour, Women’s Magazine acknowledges Administrative Professionals’ Week, a time of lunches, flowers and umbrellas embossed with company logo. Some support staff appreciate the appreciation, but others say they do not want to go out to lunch with the boss. Clerical workers Kate Raphael and Rosemary Lenihan share interviews from many of their coworkers about the meaning of this corporate holiday. It’s Poetry and Secretaries: A Time to Celebrate and Commemorate, Monday 23 April 2007 on KPFA’s Women’s Magazine. Producers: Kate Raphael, Jovelyn Richards, Catalina Vasquez and Safi wa Nairobi.

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