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Women’s Magazine – August 18, 2008

A Time For Healing
In the first half hour of today’s Women’s Magazine, hear Las Comadres, an occasional radio-novela series. In this episode, the three comadres, MamaCoAtl, Maria Medina Serafin and Nina Serrano, in their organising efforts to transform the world at their regular meetings, examine through conversation, song, and spoken word, themes of violence as the unspeakable, and the role of silence.  Is silence complicity? Is it expected and necessary? And how do you break silence? It a time for healing on Women’s Magazine.

In the second half hour, Preethi Shekar interviews photojournalist Paola Gianturco about her book Women Who Light the Dark. According to Gianturco, "Around the world, local women are helping one another tackle the problems that darken their lives—domestic violence, trafficking, war, poverty, illiteracy, discrimination, inequality, malnutrition, disease. These women may lack material resources, but they possess a wealth of an even more precious resource: imagination. And their imaginations light the dark." Then, Jovelyn Richards presents part three of a series on racism in Jovelyn’s World. And of course, you’ll hear the Women’s Magazine Calendar of events, as Yvette Hochburg shares community activities to keep you busy through Labour Day.

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