Womens Magazine

Women’s Magazine – August 11, 2008

A discussion on the impact of conflict and globalization on women, moderated by Moroccan American feminist activist Leila Hosseini. The panel features Taida Horozovich from CURE, a group of young feminist arts activists in Bosnia and Herzogovina; Patricia Guerrero of the League of Displaced Women in Colombia, and Leymah Gbowee, founder of the Women In Peacebuilding Network in Liberia.  For information about these panelists and their organizations:

CURE: www.fondacijacure.org/en/ko_su_cure.php
League of Displaced Women in Colombia, www.ligademujeresdesplazadas.org/magazine/default.asp
Women in Peacebuilding Network: www.wipsen-africa.org/wipsen/

Plus Jovelyn Richards reflects on the emotional effects of racism in Jovelyn’s World.

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