Flashpoints – December 21, 2007

A new report documents severe human rights abuses by the US border patrol; plus, the 9th circuit court denies death row prisoner Kevin Cooper his appeal, despite overwhelming evidence confirming his innocence in a 1983 trumped-up murder charge, which could mean his return to facing murder by the state of California; Haiti correspondent Kevin Pina and Selma James of the Global Women’s Strike talk about the abduction of human rights activist Lovinsky Pierre Antoine and how they’re fighting for his return home; a commentary by Miguel Molina on the recent passing of Indian activist and leader Floyd Red Crow Westerman; headlines from the region; and Flashpoints en Espanol focuses on the attacks on Mexican families’ homes by US border patrol agents at the border.

5:00 Play Flashpoints Theme Music:

[1:00] intro: billboard

5:01 Human Rights Abuses by the Border Patrol

[16:00] intro: live

Jennifer Allen, Border Action Network

5:17 Kevin Cooper Denied Appeal by 9th Circuit

[9:46] intro: self-contained

Rebecca Doran, Mobilization to Free Mumia Abu Jamal, www.myspace.com/freekevincooper

5:27 Human Rights Activist Remains Abducted in Haiti

[15:00]intro: self-contained

Kevin Pina, FP Special Correspondent – www.haitiaction.net

Selma James, Global Women’s Strike in UK

5:42 Commentary

[4:30] intro: self-contained

Miguel Molina

5:47 Headlines in Espanol

[4:00] intro: live


5:52 Flashpoints en Espanol: US Border Patrol Tear-Gassing Mexican Homes

[6:00] intro: self-contained

Benito Arias, resident in Tijuana at US-Mexico border, La Colonia Libertad, 9ft from wall

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