Flashpoints – December 20, 2007


Thursday, December 20th, 2007

Police attack protesters, including elderly women, with taser guns and pepper spray in New Orleans as the City Council votes unanimously to destroy 4500 public housing units, favoring profit over the people’s needs; also, Israel invades the Gaza strip, killing at least seven Palestinians; at the US-Mexico border, US patrol agents fire tear gas at Mexican families homes, we’ll talk about the increasing of violent attacks due to the militarization of the border; and Kevin Pina, our special correspondent on Haiti, discusses US policy and the political climate nearly four years after President Jean Bertrand Aristide’s US-backed ouster.

5:00 Play Flashpoints Theme Music:

[1:00] intro: billboard

5:01 Protesters, Including Elderly Women, Tasered by Cops in New Orleans as HUD Plans Demolition of Public Housing Units

[16:00] intro: self-contained

Kali Akuno, People’s Hurricane Relief Fund in New Orleans- www.peopleshurricane.org

Senate Bill 1668 Keeps People in Their Homes!

5:17 Palestinians Killed as Medicine Runs Out in Gaza

[4:00] intro: self-contained

International Middle East Media Center, www.imemc.org

5:21 Border Police Fire Tear Gas Into Mexican Families’ Homes

[23:00]intro: self-contained

Nancy Conroy, Editor and publisher of Gringo Gazette North

5:44 Report back from Haiti

[14:14] intro: self-contained

Kevin Pina, FP Special Correspondent

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