Flashpoints – December 18, 2007

The UN plans to extend its mandate in Iraq for another year placating the Bush Administration and the puppet regime in the Iraqi Parliament, we’ll speak with Raed Jarrar about what that means for the ordinary Iraqi on the ground; Also, Palestine Bureau Chief Kristen Ess reports on the Israeli killings in Gaza; Plus, Kevin Pina, on the ground in Haiti, escorts freed political prisoner Rene Sivil home from jail; An update on Blackwater’s defeat in Southern California; and the Knight Report.

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5:01 Knight Report

[4:00] intro: self-contained

5:05 Iraq Spending Bill and UN Mandate Extension

[7:00] intro: self-contained

Raed Jarrar, an Iraq consultant with the American Friends Service Committee


5:12 Israeli Military Kills Palestinians in Gaza

[9:00] intro: self-contained

Kristen Ess, Palestine Bureau Chief

5:21 Music Break

5:23 Report from Haiti: Political Prisoner Rene Sivil Freed

[13:00]intro: self-contained

Kevin Pina, Flashpoints Special Correspondent in Haiti


5:36 Update on the Blackwater Defeat in Southern California

[22:00] intro: self-contained

Jeremy Scahill, journalist and author Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army

Congressmen Bob Filner, Representative of California’s 51st Congressional District

5:58 Play Flashpoints Theme Music & fade under show; outro: “And that wraps it up for another edition of Flashpoints, which airs every weekday and is produced by Dennis Bernstein and Nora Barrows Friedman. Our Contributing Producer is Robert Knight, Our technical director is Eric Klein, and our production assistants are Emily Howard and Evelina Molina. Our Friday co-host is Francisco Herrera. Miguel Molina is our roving producer and JR and the Block Report contribute to this program. To comment on today’s program, please contact us at [email protected] Look us up on the web at www.flashpoints.net for our archived shows. Many thanks to our web-team and thank you for listening.

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