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Democracy Now! (6 am) – August 19, 2005

Crawford Vigil Is Not Over

Exclusive Interview with Cindy Sheehan After Mother’s Stroke: "I
Want to Get Back As Soon As Possible"
Broadcasting on location from Crawford, Texas, Democracy Now! brings you the
voices of military families and anti-war activists who are speaking out against
the occupation of Iraq. Cindy Sheehan left Crawford last night to attend
to her sick mother, but we caught up with her on her way out of Texas.

Army Vet Ann Wright Running "Field Operations for Peace, Not War"
Ann Wright spent 26 years in the U.S. Army and Army Reserves. She was a diplomat
in the State Department for 15 years before resigning in March 2003, protesting
the then-impending invasion of Iraq.

Mother Nadia McCaffrey Showed the World a Casualty of the Iraq War
McCaffrey’s son Patrick was killed in Iraq in June 2004. His death
received national attention after Nadia invited the press to Sacramento International
Airport to record images of his flag-draped coffin returning home, contravening
U.S. military policy.

State Senator Becky Lourey Lost Her Son in Iraq, Now She’s Fighting
Against the War
Minnesota State Senator Becky Lourey lost her son Matt in Iraq earlier this
year. She has been one of the foremost voices working against the war in

Navy Officer Charlie Anderson: "We Don’t Need Yellow Ribbons, We
Need Help, We Need Jobs"
Navy Officer Charlie Anderson participated in the invasion of Iraq in March
2003. He is at Camp Crawford to ask questons about how the Bush administration
managed the invasion and to challenge the post-invasion policies.

Mom Protests War on Eve of Son’s Deployment to Iraq
Mimi Evans came to Camp Casey from Massachusetts because her son is soon to
be deployed to fight a war she doesn’t believe in.

F.B.I. Whistle-Blower Colleen Rowley Says No to Occupation
Rowley was named the “Time” person of the year. She went
from F.B.I informant to F.B.I. whistleblower. She spoke out on the war in
Iraq and visits Camp Casey from her home in Minnesota.

Crawford Peace House Supports Camp Casey
The activist community center, Crawford Peace House is hosting Camp Casey.
We speak with Peace House spokesperson Hadi Jawad.

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