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Democracy Now! (6 am) – August 16, 2005

Jewish Settlers Receive Hundreds of Thousands in Compensation for Leaving Gaza
While Palestinians Working for Them Get Nothing
As Israel’s disengagement from Gaza enters Day 2, we go to Gaza City to speak
with leading Israeli journalist Amira Hass. A majority of the Jewish settlers
have accepted a compensation package – in between $150,000 to $400,000 –
from the Israeli government in return for leaving Gaza. Hass reports that the
of Palestinians working for the settlers are receiving nothing.

Voices in the Wilderness Ordered to Pay $20K for Bringing Aid to Iraq
A federal
judge has ordered the human rights group Voices in the Wilderness to pay $20,000
for violating the sanctions against Iraq. A decade ago, Voices
in the Wilderness began openly violating the sanctions, bringing in symbolic
amounts of medical, educational and humanitarian aid to Iraq on a regular
basis. We speak with the group’s founder, Kathy Kelly.

Groups Launch "People’s Petition for an Iraq Peace Plan"
groups in the United States are announcing a campaign today to build support
for a peaceful exit strategy from Iraq. We speak with the primary author
of the "People’s Petition for an Iraq Peace Plan," longtime activist
Tom Hayden.

Media Giant John H. Johnson Paved the Way for Black-Owned Press
On Monday, thousands mourned the death of publishing and entrepreneurial pioneer
John H. Johnson. He founded Ebony and Jet magazines and seared the image of
the brutalized Emmett Till into the nation’s consciousness. We speak with the
editor of the Chicago Defender, the nation’s only black daily newspaper.

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