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Democracy Now! (6 am) – August 8, 2005

Harry Belafonte, Stevie Wonder Speak/Sing Out for Voting Rights
World renowned performers Harry Belefonte and Stevie Wonder speak at the Keep
the Vote Alive march commemorating the 40th anniversary for the Voting Rights

40th Anniversary of the 1965 Voting Rights Act: Thousands March to Keep the
Vote Alive
Tens of thousands gathered in Atlanta, Georgia this past weekend for the Keep
the Vote Alive March. The march commemorated the 40th anniversary of the
historic 1965 signing of the Voting Rights act and called for the Congress and
the President
to extend key provisions of the law which expire in 2007.

NAACP Legal Defense Fund Responds to Supreme Court Nominee Roberts Push to
Limit Voting Rights Act

Newly released documents show that Supreme Court nominee
John Roberts argued strongly against strengthening the Act in 1982 when he
served as an aide in
Ronald Reagan’s Justice Department. We speak with the NAACP Legal Defense
Fund about the history and future of voting rights.

SNCC Activist Ekwueme Michael Thelwell: "People Fought, Died And
Bled for the Right to Vote"
Former field secretary of SNCC, professor Ekwueme Michael Thelwell speaks
on the 40th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act at the Grassroots Radio Conference
in Northampton, Massachusetts. He discusses today’s struggle around strengthening
provisions to the act and the role of grassroots media.

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