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Democracy Now! (6 am) – August 3, 2005

Victory in Defeat? Anti-Bush Iraq War Vet Nearly Wins Republican District

An Iraq war veteran, Paul Hackett, may have lost a special Congressional election in a heavily Republican district in Ohio. But his narrow defeat may be counted as a victory for Democrats. Paul Hackett joins us from Cincinatti.

Bush’s Exit Plan: Fomenting War in Iraq

Bush administration officials have announced exit strategies for Iraq with a target of next Spring for an initial pullout. But the death toll continues to rise. We speak with an independent journalist about how the U.S. exit plan may be provoking a civil war in Iraq.

War and Peace Corps: Are Pentagon Ties Endangering Volunteers?

Peace Corps volunteers are raising alarm bells about legislation that allows the U.S. military to recruit young people by holding out the option of a two-year stint in the Peace Corps to fulfill service obligations. We speak with the National Peace Corps Association, a Washington Post reporter, the U.S. Army Recruiting Command, and a Peace Corps parent.

CIA Supports "Secret" CIA Scholarships

College students are also being integrated into the U.S. foreign policy agenda. Last year the Senate created a scholarship to train intelligence operatives and analysts in American universities for careers in the CIA and other agencies. We speak with the anthropologist who designed the scholarship and a leading anthropologist who has spoken out opposing the program.

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