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Democracy Now! (6 am) – August 1, 2005

Niger Faces Major Food Emergency
The African country of Niger is rarely mentioned in this country. Among the
only times you hear Niger mentioned is in relation to the Wilson/Plame/Rove
scandal. But today in Niger, 3.3 million people, including almost a million
children, are facing starvation after a drought and locusts wiped out last
year’s harvest. We go to Niamey, Niger for a report from Doctors Without Borders.

The FDA Approves a Race-Specific Drug for the First Time in History. Will
it Address the Real Health Issues Facing African-Americans?

The Food and Drug
Administration has recently approved the first drug specifically for African-Americans.
The new drug BiDil has raised concerns among some doctors
and medical ethicists. We host a debate about this new trend of race-based
drug making and marketing.

Activist Damu Smith: Fighting Colon Cancer and Systemic Racial Disparities
in American Healthcare

Longtime activist Damu Smith is the founder of Black
Voices for Peace. He has fought war and racism for decades. Now he’s fighting
for his life. He has colon cancer. We speak with Damu Smith about his struggle
with cancer
and for equitable healthcare in this country. [includes rush transcript]

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