Terra Verde

Terra Verde – September 26, 2014

These days 3D printers are going with astronauts to outer space, creating prosthetic body parts, building up cars and houses, and bringing manufacturing jobs back to the USA. On a consumer level, 3D printers produce lots of stuff: toys, jewelry, accessories, home decor, etc. So, what’s the environmental potential of this additive manufacturing approach, relative to subractive milling or injection molding? What should we know about the toxicity and reusability of the common plastics and polymers — the materials science of 3D printing? Laura Garzon Chica (@EarthMediaArts) hosts Janine Benyus of Biomimicry 3.8 biomimicry.net and Jeremy Faludi of UC Berkeley faludidesign.com to discuss how 3D printing could shape up to be a boon or a bane and how the industry can get on a more sustainable trajectory. Also, in a special “speak back” segment, hear from Josh Hart of StopSmartmeters.org on the slippery slope that is the Internet of Things.

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