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Big news about mammograms — or is it? What to make of the newly released long-term study from Canada suggesting that screening mammography, contrary to everything we’ve heard from pink ribbon-funded public education campaigns, does not save lives? We talk with Karuna Jaggar of Breast Cancer Action and Lochlann Jain, author of MALIGNANT: How Cancer Becomes Us.

ANITA: Speaking Truth to Power, is a new documentary about Anita Hill, the woman at the center of the hearings over Justice Clarence Thomas and sexual harassment. We preview the film with director Freida Lee Mock, whose previous film, MAYA LIN: A Clear Strong Vision, won the Academy Award for best documentary.

In 2013, only 20% of op ed writers, 18% of news sources in major media and 9% of Hollywood film directors were women (slightly down from 1998!). Rose Aguilar, host of Your Call Radio and facilitator of Use Your Voice workshops for women talks about why women have so much trouble breaking in and staying in media, and why it matters.

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