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Democracy Now! – February 17, 2014

The Killing of Jordan Davis: Michael Dunn Faces 60 Years After Split Verdict in ‘Thug Music’ Trial; Untold History: More Than A Quarter of U.S. Presidents Were Involved in Slavery, Human Trafficking; Former FCC Commissioner Warns About Comcast-Time Warner Merger, “Mindless” Media Consolidation.

February 17, 2014

    Jury Deadlocks on Murder Charge in Michael Dunn Trial
    Syria Talks End with Little Progress
    Bahraini Activist Zainab Alkhawaja Released; Protests Mark 3rd Anniversary of Uprising
    Ethiopian Pilot Diverts Plane to Geneva in Bid to Seek Asylum
    Trapped South African Miners Refuse to Be Rescued Due to Fear of Arrest
    Report: NSA Played Role in Spying on U.S. Law Firm amid Trade Dispute with Indonesia
    Kerry Compares Climate Change Deniers to “Flat Earth Society”
    Anti-Drone Activist Says He Was Tortured During Captivity in Pakistan
    Report: U.S. Seeking New Drone Bases in Central Asia
    Ugandan President to Sign Anti-Gay Bill; Anti-Gay Mob Attacks 14 in Nigeria
    Michael Sam Supporters Form Human Barrier to Block Anti-Gay Protest
    Actress Ellen Page Comes Out as Gay, Gets Standing Ovation at Human Rights Campaign Conference


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