With Michael Backes, specialist in cannabis science and policy issues at a southern California consultancy. He previously founded the first evidence-based medical cannabis dispensary. He’s author of the book Cannabis Pharmacy: The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana.  About the book:  There are currently 4.2 million medical cannabis patients in the United States, and there are 20 states … Continued

Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips spend the hour in conversation with author Peter Dale Scott. Scott explains the concepts of “deep politics” and “deep events,” which underlie much of his work; he also discusses his most recent publication, the e-book “Dallas ’63,” about the JFK assassination. Click Here to Donate to KPFA Today

Two years ago, the acquittal of police officer George Zimmerman for the killing of teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri sparked a national movement against police brutality and systematic discrimination against African-American’s called Black Lives Matter. The organization is famously referred to for its twitter hashtag, #BlackLivesMatter but in this talk, co-founder Alicia Garza clarifies that #BLM is much more than … Continued