Erik Bauersfeld 1922 ~ 2016

Former KPFA Drama and Literature director Erik Bauersfeld died Sunday morning, April 3rd at the age of 93. Susan Stone, who later served in the same position at KPFA, reported that two long time friends were with him — Randy Thom was holding his hand, and poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti was on the phone reading to … Continued

With Darwin Bond Graham of the East Bay Express. Oakland is changing and there is a fierce political battle to try to maintain the city’s traditions and residents. And Harold Meyerson, editor-at-large at The American Prospect and a columnist for The Washington Post. His most recent article for the Prospect is The Long March of Bernie’s … Continued

Military historian Andrew Bacevich says that for the past two and  a half decades, America has been waging one war in the greater Middle East — a war with ever-shifting fronts, a war that creates enemies as fast as it defeats them, a war that is ultimately doomed. He joins us live in-studio. But first: … Continued

 Meet the Greenpeace Activist Who Confronted Hillary Clinton over Ties to Fossil Fuel Industry; How Much Money Has Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Taken from Fossil Fuel Companies? “Love Trumps Hate”: Actress Rosario Dawson on Why She Supports Bernie Sanders for President; Voter ID Nightmare: Up to 300,000 Wisconsin Voters Could Be Barred from Polls Thanks to … Continued

Erik Bauersfeld 1922-2016

  Erik Bauersfeld was Drama & Literature Director at KPFA from 1961 to 1991. When I first came to KPFA, Erik and assistant director, Padraigin McGillicuddy, gave Lawrence Davidson and me our first shot at radio, a science fiction interview program called “Probabilities Unlimited.” Over the years, as KPFA Folio Editor, I worked closely with … Continued

Entrevista con el cineasta Arturo González Villaseñor y con el pintor Claudio Talavera Ballón. Boletos de regalo para el concierto de Ciafanes en The Fox Theater en Oakland.   Info del cieasta: trailer:   Info del pintor:  

Join us as we celebrate the 100th live broadcast of BAJABA ShowCase. Doug Edwards was the brain child for this radio show that focused on Bay Area Artists.  This April 2nd will mark the 100th show; a milestone. We begin a four hour broadcast starting at 9pm Saturday, April 2nd until 1 am Sunday, April … Continued