Democratic Presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley were interrupted by Black Lives Matter protests during the Netroots conference in Arizona. Excerpts from Sanders’ and O’Malley’s speeches, and an interview with Alicia Garza of the Black Lives Matter movement. And Johanna Fernandez on Mumia Abu-Jamal, his health, and writing. Fernandez is editor of Writing on … Continued

Featuring new music from Eliot Sumner who was previously I Blame Coco, a duo based out of Austin, TX who go by the name Technicolor Hearts, introducing a new project who will get your summer vibes going called White Shadows. A 2-piece electronic project based out of Sweden who go by the name Aeld, Australia’s … Continued

The Iran nuclear deal is signed, sealed–but has NOT made it through Congress.  Congresswoman Barbara Lee joins us to talk about its chances. PLUS: Sonia Faruqi says she’s found out the truth about our food—and it’s not a pretty picture.  But!  she has some healing suggestions.  With host Kris Welch.

Who doesn’t support the concept of “Affordable Housing?”  As rents climb to ever-ascending heights and ever more people are pushed from their housing, ‘affordable housing’ is like motherhood and apple pie for activists and elected officials alike.  But are affordable homes truly affordable to people with disabilities who are low income or have SSI as … Continued

They took the deal forced on them by their EU creditors—but Greeks in the streets say it’s not over yet.  PLUS: Heyday Books founder Malcolm Margolin, master storyteller and gatherer, asks Why Berkeley?  With host Kris Welch.