with Akhil Reed Amar, Sterling Professor of Law at Yale University, renowned legal thinker, and the author of many books. His latest is The Constitution Today: Timeless Lessons for the Issues of Our Era.  About the book: In The Constitution Today, Akhil Reed Amar, America’s preeminent constitutional scholar, considers the biggest and most bitterly contested debates … Continued

Donald Trump worries that the November 8th election could be rigged against him. Investigative journalist Greg Palast thinks it could be rigged in his favor. We’ll speak with Palast today about his new documentary, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: A Tale of Billionaires & Ballot Bandits. And, journalist Larry Bensky joins us to discuss … Continued

First, a debate over California Proposition 61, which would set new standards for drug pricing in California. We welcome Dan Johnston, Assistant Director Research Institute for Health and Socio-Economic Policy, National Nurses United, to represent the support for the proposition, and Kathy Fairbanks, Spokeswoman, No on Prop. 61 Coalition, to represent the opposition.  then, Wazi Marét, Development & Administrative Coordinator … Continued

A tenth woman has gone public about Donald Trump sexually assaulting her, even as the GOP Presidential nominee continues to deny the crimes he’s being accused of. We’ll speak with activist and rape survivor Jane Piper about the issues of rape and sexual assault in this election campaign. And, Theo Padnos, an American journalist was … Continued

Standing Rock: Police Arrest 120+ Water Protectors as Dakota Access Speeds Up Pipeline Construction; North Dakota: Water Protectors Erect New Frontline Camp Directly in Path of Dakota Access Pipeline; Actor Shailene Woodley On Her Arrest, Strip Search and Dakota Access Pipeline Resistance; Meet the Journalist Facing 45 Years in Jail for Filming Tar Sands Pipeline … Continued