The Environmental Protection Agency is tasked with safeguarding the public from toxic exposure.  But Jonathan Latham, executive director of the Bioscience Research Project, says that The Poison Papers — an enormous trove of documents — indicate that the EPA and the chemical industry often work hand in hand to mislead us into thinking that toxic chemicals … Continued

This week the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a new report that we are set to see significant changes caused by the earth warming in the next two decades. We discussed the report with professor Kristie L. Ebi co-author of the report. Guest: Kristie L. Ebi is professor of Public Health Sciences and Director of the … Continued

Alexandra Ruiz Castillo discusses the film HOME TRUTH with filmmakers April Hayes and Katia Maguire. Their new film Home Truth is a powerful documentary about domestic violence and how the trauma from these tragedies can linger through the generations  Ayoltzinapa: La Raza Chronicles joins the international commemoration of the 4th anniversary of the disappearances of the 43 Mexcian students with a moving poem excerpted … Continued

Can we understand gender relations in today’s neoliberal world without understanding colonialism? As Raka Ray points out, colonialism put in place new understandings about gender and gender relations, many of which continue to affect how people in countries like India think and interact and are governed. Colonialism and its legacies have also influenced how feminists … Continued

A conversation about the use and abuse of social media and how it affects our democratic principles with author Siva Vaidhyanathan. Guest: Siva Vaidhyanathan is the Robertson Professor of Media Studies and the Director of the Center for Media and Citizenship at the University of Virginia. He is the author of many books on technology, law, and society, including his … Continued