After Massacre in California Bar, Will a Democrat-Controlled House Take Action on Gun Control? “We Will Never Concede to Bigotry”: Florida Organizers Sound the Alarm over Voting Discrepancies; Rashida Tlaib on Impeaching Trump, Occupied Palestine & Becoming One of First Muslim Congresswomen; Congresswoman-elect Rashida Tlaib & Peace Activist Kathy Kelly Condemn Saudi Cruelty in Yemen.

Are you familiar with the Gypsy-punk band Junk Parlor? If not, listen into the second hour as songwriter, guitarist, lead vocalist Jason Vanderford talks with host Derk Richardson about the Oakland band and shares music from the new album, Electricity for Dreams. Also, musical tributes to the recently deceased Wah Wah Watson, Tony Joe White, … Continued

In Rebuke of Trump, Democratic Women Help Seize House & 7 Governorships In Historic Midterm; Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: We Need to Confront Trump’s Creeping Authoritarianism; Carol Anderson: Massive Voter Suppression Could Be Deciding Factor in Georgia Governor’s Race; “Love Prevails”: Floridians Celebrate Massive Restoration of Voting Rights to People with Felonies; Katrina vanden Heuvel: … Continued

36 Million in U.S. Cast Early Votes, Shattering Records for Young People & People of Color; “Smoking Gun” Evidence Shows Trump Admin’s Top Anti-Immigrant Officials Trying to Rig the Census; Women of Color Hope to Make History in 2018 Election with Wins in Congress and Governor’s Races; Oil & Gas Industry Giants Spend Millions in … Continued