Nation Magazine honors Mitch Jeserich

The Nation Magazine has named Letters & Politics, MOST VALUABLE RADIO SHOW on their Progressive Honor Roll for 2016. Congratulations to Mitch for the well deserved recognition!

Here’s what the Nation had to say about the show:

Veteran broadcaster Mitch Jeserich started a radio program called Letters From Washington to chronicle the first 100 days of the Obama administration. That program evolved into Letters & Politics, which airs daily on Berkeley’s pioneering Pacifica station KPFA. Erudite and adventurous, Jeserich can jump from a discussion about how civilization has changed over a thousand years with historian Ian Mortimer, to an examination of Islamophobia with international human-rights campaigner Arsalan Iftikhar, to a review of Trump’s conflicted cabinet picks with Pratap Chatterjee, the executive director of CorpWatch. This is talk radio that makes you smarter.

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