Mfoniso Udofia is one of America’s fastest rising playwrights. A second-generation Nigerian-American, plays in her Ufot family cycle have been performed in New York, Los Angeles, and the San Francisco Bay Area. “Her Portmanteau” plays at the ACT Strand through March 31st, and “In Old Age” opens in previews at the Magic Theatre on March 27th. She is interviewed by Richard Wolinsky.

Barry Eisler, whose latest novel is “The Killer Collective,” is interviewed by Richard Wolinsky. Barry Eisler spent three years in the CIA before leaving to become a lawyer and novelist. Bringing together his protagonists, an assassin named John Rain and a detective named Livia Lone in one book, he examines the relationship of government to mercenary outsourcing, along with governmental cover-ups.

In this episode of “Did You Hear?” author Tom Nichols talks about his new book “The Death of Expertise.” It’s a well-thought out treatment of how the internet has given rise to a culture of distrust of experts. Knowledge gained from years of study and research can sometimes give way to wild theories spun online without evidence to back them up. “Alternative facts,” argues Nichols, can supplant actual facts and the result can be a danger to our health, our social cohesion and our democracy.

Brian Garfield, who died on December 29, 2018, one month shy of his eightieth birthday, wrote at least sixty-five novels, most of them westerns, three collections of short stories, three books of non-fiction and several works for film and television. Though writing mostly in the western genre, he is best known for the revenge novel Death Wish, which became a hit movie starring Charles Bronson in 1974. Recorded in 1983 with interviewers Richard Wolinsky, Richard A. Lupoff and Lawrence Davidson.