Caroline hosts collegial astro*mytho*cultural*story-guide Daniel Giamarrio, reporting in from Manilla, as we explore the astrology of Mars Venus cycles & the astro-guiding narrative of now (aspiring, with varying degrees of success, in translating into pertinent English).     Support The Visionary Activist Show on Patreon for weekly Chart & Themes ($4/month) and more… *Woof*Woof*Wanna*Play?!?*

Caroline welcomes the return of Eric Davis, science-myth wizard, author of TechGnosis,  perspicacious playful liberating jaunty discerning magical intellect with whom to co-animate the desirable potential of now, keeper of the Hermetic realms, history of entheo sci-fi, illusion – “in-ludo = “in the game,” v. delusion = “out of the game.” (and discerning betwixt the former which strives … Continued