Dozens of people are dead in protests in Nicaragua after President Daniel Ortega announced social security reforms. On our show today we’ll turn to our correspondent Courtney Morris to understand the broader historical and political context of Nicaragua’s unrest. Then, we’ll turn to long-time broadcast journalist and political scientist Larry Bensky who will share his … Continued

France’s parliamentary elections have handed a majority to newly elected centrist Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron. But Macron still faces large challenges, as does his counterpart Theresa May in England. On today’s show we’ll turn to analyst Larry Bensky to help understand the political forces shaping Europe and their relevance in the US. And, the internationally … Continued

Donald Trump worries that the November 8th election could be rigged against him. Investigative journalist Greg Palast thinks it could be rigged in his favor. We’ll speak with Palast today about his new documentary, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: A Tale of Billionaires & Ballot Bandits. And, journalist Larry Bensky joins us to discuss … Continued