Kellia Ramares-Watson July 31st, 1955 ~ August 18th, 2015

Kellia Ramares-Watson, independent journalist and long time KPFA reporter passed away on August 18th, at her home, in her sleep. Kellia began working as a reporter at KPFA in 1999. She co-founded the program Guns & Butter and later became the engineer for the KPFA evening and weekend News. She was a contributor to WINGS – Women’s International News Gathering Service, and wrote articles for the Intrepid Report and The Leftist Review.  Kellia published one volume of poetry called “Near the Ragged Edge of Earth.” Kellia was also a loyal baseball fan. She wrote that in journalism her goal was to “call ’em like I see ’em,” as the umpires say in baseball. She is survived by her husband, David Watson.




3 responses to “Kellia Ramares-Watson July 31st, 1955 ~ August 18th, 2015

  1. Kellia loved baseball, good food, was actively involved in political debate, and after I turned her on to it, she loved watching the various aquatic waterfowl in the Bay Area. Cormorants, herons, gulls, sandpipers, oyster catchers, geese, various species of ducks and coots and others. She loved watching the harbor seals that occasioned our marina. I miss her laughter, her insight, her intelligence, the warmth of her body as I hugged her fiercely when either she or I had a bad day. I miss her intensely. Thank you for your kind and heart-felt words.

  2. I had the good fortune to work with Kellia for a short time in 2008. I had started an internet radio station which featured political commentary and music. Good luck pointed me to Kellia’s site and when I asked her if she’d be interested in providing some content she agreed and for that I’m ever grateful. She knew how to use her intelligence for the good of the many, a rare find in these times. She will be greatly missed.

    Chris Johnson

  3. Kellia in my interactions with her from 1999 on always had a fierce integrity. That is what I remember most about her all this time.

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