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The Morning Mix – The Project Censored Show

Morning Mix-Project Censored show is a Bohemian Grove special. Peter Phillips, Mickey Huff and Andy Roth will cover the history of the San Francisco  Bohemian Club. We will interview Chieko Shiina an activist and organic farmer and Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Survivor visiting California sponsored by the No Nukes Action Committee. Chieko Shiina will be speaking at … Continued

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The Morning Mix – January 12, 2011

Cesar Cruz of the Homies Empowerment Project helps bring at-risk youth together to break bread. He talks about the need and potential of these efforts. Five young men and DJ Quest from the Horizons DJ Project play some beats and talk about their work with Gary Baca. Modern -day slavery abolitionist, Christina Hebets, … Continued

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The Morning Mix – January 11, 2011

San Francisco Homeless advocate Tommi Avicolli Mecca talks about San Francisco’s Interim Mayor Process which gave the job to Ed Lee. Adrienne Lauby discusses Jerry Brown’s new budget plan with Jessica Rothhaar of the Health & Human Services Network. As Illinois gears up to repeal the death penalty. Anthony Fest talks to Mike … Continued

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The Morning Mix – January 10, 2011

A discussion of Saturday’s Tucson tragedy, which killed of 6 people & injured 14 others, including U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. Renée Saucedo, Director fo the SF Day Laborer Program and Salvador Reza, Coordinator for Arizona’s Puente Movement, talk to Tara Dorabji. In response to Governor Jerry Brown’s release of his proposed state budget, … Continued

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The New KPFA Morning Show – January 4, 2011

Anti war Activists Toby Blome and Cindy Sheehan discuss drone warfare in Afghanistan. Jean Quan is sworn in as the new mayor of Oakland. Interview by Gary Baca Education activists Andy Merrifield, California Faculty Association & Crystal Brown, the founder of the parent led group, “Educate Our State” discuss Governor Jerry Brown’s choices as he … Continued