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Morning Mix-Project Censored show is a Bohemian Grove special. Peter Phillips, Mickey Huff and Andy Roth will cover the history of the San Francisco  Bohemian Club. We will interview Chieko Shiina an activist and organic farmer and Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Survivor visiting California sponsored by the No Nukes Action Committee. Chieko Shiina will be speaking at the Occupy Bohemian Grove protest July 14 regarding the Club’s long association with Nuclear energy.  Also, we will be in conservation with Don Eichelberger on the history of the Bohemian Grove Action Network and his work with Abalone Alliance. Steve Zeltzer will present work-week radio and we will end the show with interviews of Occupy activists and their plans for the Bohemian Grove protest this Saturday in Monte Rio near the Bohemian Grove in Sonoma County.

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