Terra Verde

Terra Verde – Masters of Storms

What’s the forecast? Increasingly, scientists, scholars, and technocrats, as well as journalists, are openly speculating about ideas known by ambitious-sounding terms, like solar radiation management, stratospheric aerosol geoengineering, and albedo modification. Could such unorthodox strategies to counteract global warming be underway already, despite official claims suggesting otherwise? Today Terra Verde tackles controversies around climate intervention and weather manipulation.         … Continued

Big philanthropy is all about supporting big organizations. But a handful of environmental funders is having an outsized impact by partnering with small groups. Host Adrienne Fitch Frankel speaks with Yeshica Weerasekara of IDEX and Tim Little of the Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment about the importance of resourcing the grassroots.

The participation of non-professionals in scientific research is proving increasingly valuable to environmental studies, management, and policymaking, as well as to the “citizen scientists” themselves. Host Laura Garzon @EarthMediaArts journeys into new frontiers of citizen science with three guests: Greg Newman of the Citizen Science Association, CitSci.org @CitSci, and Colorado State University (Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory); Scott … Continued