Jack’s guest is poet/activist Jan Steckel. Jan has published poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction. She is also known as an activist in the bisexual community and an advocate on behalf of the disabled and the underprivileged. Along with Nicki Hastie, Julie R. Enszer, and Merry Gangemi, she is a founding member of Woman-Stirred, a queer women’s writing collective.

Today’s show once again features David Mason, distinguished poet, professor and former Poet Laureate (2010-2014) of Colorado. His books include Ludlow: a Verse Novel; The Country I Remember; Arrivals; News from the Village; The Scarlet Libretto; Sea Salt: Poems of a Decade, 2004-2014; and Davey McGravy: Tales to be Read Aloud to Children and Adult Children. Hosted by Jack Foley.

Today’s guest is David Mason, not David Mason the serial killer (1956-1993 see Wikipedia) but David Mason (b. 1954) the distinguished poet, professor and former Poet Laureate (2010-2014) of Colorado.
In a blurb to Mason’s The Sound: New & Selected Poems, Charles Martin writes, “David Mason’s ambition to expand the realm of narrative in contemporary verse has been central to his poetic project, even as successive collections revealed him as one of the best lyric poets of his time.” Hosted by Jack Foley.

Jack’s guest is the brilliant, multi-talented poet-musician-editor Jacob Smullyan. Smullyan’s new book of prose poems is Errata. Charles Holdefer of Dactyl Review says, “To describe a book as unclassifiable is, of course, to classify it, but that fact is entirely in keeping with the spirit of Jacob Smullyan’s Errata.” Smullyan is also the author of the poem cycle, Dribble. A concert pianist as well as a writer, he is the founder of Sagging Meniscus Press and the forthcoming Exacting Clam magazine. First of two parts.