The program starts with an interview with Sean San Jose, Artistic Director of the Magic Theatre in San Francisco; then a theatre review (“The Song of Summer” at SF Playhouse), and finally excerpts from a 2011 interview with the late Tony Horwitz about his book, “Midnight Rising” which dealt in detail with John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry. Hosted by Richard Wolinsky.

Mystery and thriller writer Tess Gerritsen is the subject of this hour-long exploration of her work, beginning with excerpts from a 2004 interview focusing on how she became a writer, and the development of the Rizzoli & Isles series of books, then continues with a June, 2021 interview about her latest novel, “Choose Me,” co-authored with Gary Braver, which takes a look at the #metoo movement. She also discusses her feelings about Black Lives matter, the pandemic, and her projects in television and film. Hosted by Richard Wolinsky.

Pride Month Special Interview: Paul Rudnick discusses his new novel, “Playing the Palace,” the film “Coastal Elites,” and his career as a playwright and screenwriter with host Richard Wolinsky. Among Paul Rudnick’s screenplays are “In and Out,” “Sister Act” and “Addams Family Values.” His plays include “Jeffrey” and “The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told.”

Kate MacKay, curator of BAM/PFA’s retrospective of four films by French director Eric Rohmer, discusses the Four Seasons cycle of films, as well as Rohmer’s importance as a director. Jeanne Sakata, playwright, “Hold These Truths” about the fight against Japanese internment, which is now playing at San Francisco Playhouse. Hosted by Richard Wolinsky.