On tonight’s show, guest producer Anuj Vaidya, with the Performance Studies department at UC Davis, shines a bright light on Strike University, the digital picket line for the University of California student movement  that seeks to decolonize, democratize, queer, and abolish the current oppressive university system. In conversation with Anuj are Shreya Deshpande also from … Continued

A weekly magazine-style radio show featuring the voices and stories of Asians and Pacific Islanders from all corners of our community. The show is produced by a collective of media makers, deejays, and activists. PowerLeeGirls Hosts Miko Lee and Jalena Keane-Lee are back on the air. Tonight in honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month … Continued

How is the lockdown in India impacting India’s over 400 million working poor? What has already been the terrifying consequences of the overnight lockdown on March 25th, without an adequate relief plan or measures taken to ensure daily wage laborers can afford to stay at home and practice social distancing? APEX Express producer Preeti Mangala … Continued