October 2014 LSB Meeting Records

KPFA Local Station Board
Regular in-person meeting
October 18, 2014 11am-4pm
SEIU Local 1021
100 Oak St., Oakland, CA map

The location is a short walk from the Lake Merritt BART station.

Present: Craig Alderson, Brian Edwards-Tiekert, José Luis Fuentes, Kate Gowen, Mark Hernandez*, Cynthia Johnson*, Janet Kobren, Jack Kurzweil, Andrea Prichett*, Lewis Sawyer, Franklin Sterling, Ramsés Teón-Nichols, Carole Travis, David Welsh, Barbara Whipperman, Burton White, Margy Wilkinson, Rych Withers.
*Arrived after roll call.

Absent: Mal Burnstein, David Gans, Donald Goldmacher, David Landau, Joy Moore, Samsarah Morgan.

1.         Call to order
Meeting called to order by chair at 11:21 am.

2.         Roll call and excusing of members
Chair Travis acknowledged the passing of board member Paula Erkkila in September and noted the seating of Kate Tanaka to succeed her. Moved (C. Alderson) to excuse all absent. Unanimously approved by voice vote.

3.         Approve agenda
Moved (M. Wilkinson) to adopt agenda as drafted.

Moved (J. Kobren) to add fund drive phone service as item 7.5, duration 15 minutes.

Moved (B. Edwards-Tiekert) to move to 11.5. Amendment approved unanimously by show of hands.

J. Kobren amendment, as amended, approved unanimously by show of hands.

Agenda as amended adopted unanimously approved by show of hands.

4.         Minutes
Moved (B. White) to adopt minutes of August 9, 2014, meeting as drafted. Approved unanimously by show of hands.

Moved (M. Wilkinson) to adopt minutes of September 13, 2014 meeting as drafted. Corrected minutes approved unanimously by show of hands.

J. Kobren requested investigation of insecticide use at N. Berkeley Senior Center.

5.         Announcements
J.L. Fuentes: PUEBLO is hiring executive director. www.peopleunited.org.

J. Kobren: Another action at Port of Oakland to blockade ZIM ship. Meet at West Oakland BART station, 5am. Text “join” to 510-346-5951 for messages.

M. Wilkinson: Yes on D campaign in Berkeley is hiring people to work on campaign. Go to Berkeley vs. Big Soda website.

R. Teón-Nichols: Union drive at Cal College of the Arts. Faculty voted for union. Part of movement across nation of adjunct faculty to unionize. St. Mary’s College faculty has formed union.

6.         Public comments
Public comments begin at 15:33 of audio file part 1. Carol Wolfley, Craig Williams, Kathy Horsley, Sara DeLongo.

7.         General manager’s report (Quincy McCoy)
Fall fund drive has been sluggish. Not projected to reach $680k goal. As of Friday, $470k raised including Refresh early campaign web drive, which raised $11k. Additional callout raised $3k. We expect $500k by Monday and will end on Wednesday. Holding daily meetings on premiums and pre-emptions.

Website production has begun. There’s an online form for website ideas. Contact GM for link.

We need to refresh tools, e.g., new computers. He thinks it would be more cost-effective to use contracted phone service for rollover only. We need extra funding from outside our list base. There’s fatigue of base and it is not growing. We need to eliminate one fund drive and we’re on a dead-end path unless we can change.

Moved (M. Wilkinson) to invite new program director, Laura Prives, to next meeting to have a conversation with her about her job and plans. Unanimously approved by show of hands.

8.         Treasurer’s report (B. Whipperman)
B1shows fund drive totals as of Thursday. Amount is higher as of today. “Acquisitions” is new members and totals $102k. “Telemarketing” is early drive phoning.

Budget documents:

B2: starts with tail end of 2014
B3: budget
B4: year-to-date compared with previous years
B5: cash flow
B6: comparison of previous version of budget with today’s
B7: head count

Treasurer’s report and budget discussion begin at 50:25 of audio file, part 1.

Moved (K. Gowen) to end discussion. Failed: 11Y, 7N

Moved (M. Wilkinson) that the LSB approve budget as presented.

Moved (B. Whipperman) to close debate. Approved: 11Y, 0N.

On main motion: Approved 11Y (C. Alderson, B. Edwards-Tiekert, J.L. Fuentes, K. Gowen, M. Hernandez, L. Sawyer, C. Travis, B. Whipperman, B. White, M. Wilkinson, R. Withers); 3N (J. Kobren, F. Sterling, K. Tanaka); 3A (C. Johnson, A. Prichett, D. Welsh).

Moved (L. Sawyer): “Be is resolved that the KPFA LSB accept and activate methods to meet our collective responsibilities to raise duns for the station.”

Moved (B. Whipperman) to close debate. Approved unanimously by show of hands.

Main motion approved: 17Y (C. Alderson, B. Edwards-Tiekert, J.L. Fuentes, K. Gowen, M. Hernandez, C. Johnson, A. Prichett, L. Sawyer, F. Sterling, K. Tanaka, R. Teón-Nichols, C. Travis, D. Welsh, B. Whipperman, B. White, M. Wilkinson, R. Withers); 03N; 1A (J. Kobren).

Add to next month’s agenda a discussion about board fundraising.

9.         PNB report (M. Wilkinson)
PNB approved hiring freeze. Freeze already in effect but was not adhered to. Interim executive director has authority to approve hires at local stations. Previous executive director had already approved hire of KPFA program director. Interim ED declined to approve new hires at another station and to convert consultants to regular employees. No  new requests for hires since then.

Election committee will present proposal for delayed election schedule.

Personnel files in national office a total mess. People being paid without authorizations. No emergency contact information. Evaluations not done, so she’s working on that.

J. Kobren reported that the elections committee is developing a timeline.

B. Edwards-Tiekert reported that revised budgeting practices have resulted in savings and planning certainty. Shared services charges have been stabilized. Making progress with BAI. KPFT budget approved.

J.L. Fuentes reported that LSBs and CABs need to comply with notice requirements to meet CPB regulations.

10.        Community Advisory Board (Carol Wolfley)
See attached.

The board observed 10 seconds of silence in memory of the late board member, Paula Erkkila.

Adjourned 3:56 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Craig Alderson
LSB Secretary

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