LSB April 2015 meeting records

KPFA LSB regular in-person meeting
April 11, 2015 11am-4pm
Oakland Public Library, Rockridge Branch
5366 College Ave,  Oakland, CA
Item #Time*ItemEst start time
1Call to Order11:00 AM
25Roll Call and Excusing of Absent Members11:00 AM
310Approve Agenda11:05 AM
410Approve Minutes11:15 AM
530General manager’s report11:25 AM
65Announcements11:55 AM
820Treasurer’s Report12:30 PM
910Break12:50 PM
1015PNB report1:00 PM
115CAB report1:15 PM
125KFCF Report1:20 PM
13Old Business
20    A.  Local news coverage (A. Prichett)1:25 PM
15    B.  News coverage protocols and policies (A. Prichett)1:45 PM
15    C.  LSB subcommittees (J. Kobren)2:00 PM
30    D.  PNB committee assignments2:15 PM
14New Business
10    A.  Bylaw amendment proposals (B. Whipperman)2:45 PM
15Adjourn2:55 PM
*Times are advisory.



Minutes from KPFA Local Station Board meeting 4/11/15 Rockridge Public Library

Changes to the  draft agenda included only:  moving old item D. under old business to come right after the PNB report; NOT approving March minutes as there were none available to approve; no GM report as GM was not attending and had not submitted a report; No KFCF report as KFCF rep. not attending and no report submitted.
Agenda as amended functioning as minutes w/votes taken following agenda:

1.   Call to order

Meeting called to order at by chair Carole Travis @ ? forgot to track exact time, approx. 11:15, perhaps members can fill this in.

2.   Roll Call and excusing absent members

Present: Virginia Browning, Brian Edwards-Tiekert, José Luis Fuentes, David Gans, Donald Goldmacher*, Mark Hernandez, Cynthia Johnson*, Janet Kobren, Jack Kurzweil, Joy Moore, Samsarah Morgan, Andrea Prichett, Lewis Sawyer, Ramsés Teón-Nichols*, Carole Travis*,  Barbara Whipperman, Burton White, Margy Wilkinson.
*Arrived after roll call.

Absent: Craig Alderson, Mal Burnstein, Frank Sterling, David Landau, Kate Tanaka, Rych Withers,

3.   Amend and approve agenda unanimously by voice vote

4.   Announcements
–Prichett: sat. Ap 25 copwatch training, 11-3
–stop mass incarceration shut-down April 14, see the net for times in several citiesTeon-Nichols: Ap. 15 Natl and international fastfood workers support, Berkeley Shattuck McDonald’s @5, 24th and Mission in SF also
– S. Morgan: Birthkeepers Summitt Thurs Ap 30 – May 3rd, Berkely City College, Sun May 3 action, notes environmental angle;
–Fuentes: Ap. 12 Occupy the Farm movie Santa Rosa Summerfield Theater & Ap 21&22, Roxie in SF

5.   PUBLIC COMMENTS, incl. Announcements of a planned April 15th KPFA Birthday Party at the station and outreach table on the street nearby.
C. Wolfley, Robin _____ or C. Horsely (all of whom commented, some outreach members, some CAB members), noted April 25-26th an amazing upcoming weekend, New Living Expo w/KPFA table; event at Marcus Books, Anarchist bookfair, May San Jose Social Forum event upcoming. Gilman club KPFA benefit April 24, 924 Gilman Street, live bands, live-streaming to KPFA website.

6.   Treasurer’s report (B. Whipperman) ** and A. Prichett’s  development proposal (see propsoals below) here as pertinent to treasurer report of positive cash flow following 2 bequests

Within the discussion here, Carole Travis turned the chairing of the meeting over to Ramses Teon-Nichols as she had to leave.

7.    Break

8.   PNB Report
8-A. PNB committee assignments  ** see below

9.   CAB report

10. Old Business

A.   Local News Coverage (A. Prichett) discussion
B.   News Coverage Protocols and Policies (A. Prichett). (** see proposals below)
C.   LSB Subcommittees, J. Kobren proposal to be discussed at May meeting.

11.   Bylaws amendment proposals (B. Whipperman introduced what is on KPFA website, handed out copies of proposals, informed members LSBs will vote on if PNB passes them in early May.

12.   Adjourn – meeting adjourned at approx. 3:10pm

PROPOSALS and votes taken:

Proposal by Andrea Prichett (LSB moved and approved that further discussion and voting on this are postponed to May LSB meeting, see below proposal):

  1. That the LSB amends the 2015 Budget up to $80,000 to provide for the hiring of a full-time Development Director.
  2.  That the LSB develop a list of budget priorities for the 2016 budget that includes input from listeners via CAB – a report-to-the-listeners (on-air) program
  3.  Based on previous LSB resolutions, the LSB recommend the full funding of at least one additional FTE for the Apprentice Program and production of Full Circle to begin as soon as possible in 2015.

The vote to postpone further discussion and voting up or down this proposal to the May meeting was moved and seconded.  The roll-call vote to postpone was as follows: 8 voted to postpone: Edwards-Tiekert, Fuentes, Gans, Goldmacher, Hernandez, Kurzweil, Whipperman, White.  Vote to continue discussion today and not postpone vote: Johnson, Kobren, Moore J.,  Moore S., Browning.  Motion to postpone carried.

LSB reps to the 2015 PNB Governance Committee
(Item 8-A Committee Assignments)
J. Kobren reported that at the February LSB meeting three members signed up for two seats: V. Browning, M. Burnstein, and M. Hernandez, so an STV election for the two seats was necessary to be conducted. J. Kobren distributed the ballots and gave instructions. Fifteen members were present for the vote which meant the threshold for winning a seat was 6. The votes were tabulated by J. Kobren and B. Edwards-Tiekert with two members of the audience observing. The results of 1st choice votes were: V. Browning – 7; M. Burnstein – 7; M. Hernandez – 1. The winners were announced as V. Browning and M. Burnstein.

Local News
The following was proposed by Andrea Prichett, to be discussed further at the May meeting.   There was discussion by members, but no vote was taken on it at this meeting.

Towards improving local community news and public affairs
(submitted by Andrea Prichett developed by Carole Wolfey)

The LSB asks that KPFA General Manager and staff work with community members to develop a coordinated station-wide plan for providing local news and public affairs programming in alignment with KPFAs mission to cover local events and topics with a depth, insight and broad signal range that no other station can do.

This may plan may include exploration of possibilities to:

 Increase access to information from the community such as:

  1. Organize an electronic bulletin board to share and utilize news and public affairs information resources from the KPFA community, local organizations and the public
  1. Establish a list of people involved with social justice, political, economic and environmental issues from our local geographical areas who we can invite to contribute to local news and public affairs programs as citizen journalists
  2. Expand recruitment and training of program interns for news and public affairs. Articulate requirements for becoming an intern and make these requirement broadly known and available on our website so that volunteers outreaches can assist in finding volunteers.
  1. Develop and communicate a system for programmers to be able to receive and use recorded segments from community members for news and public affairs programs.
  1. Utilize Twitter, Facebook and live stream channels to get up to the minute information for news and public affairs programs

Coordinate a station-wide system for providing local news and public affairs programming

  1. Create daily programs or parts of programs that focus primarily on local community news and public affairs at predictable and regular times during the work week
  1. Coordinate KPFA programming in relation to topics to avoid repetition from one program to the next.
  1. Increase programming that includes listener phone in time.
  1. Develop a protocol that clarifies when/how to cover breaking news in our signal range and to pre-empt programming in significant and emergency situations.
  1. Expand use of video channel and live streaming channel to cover local news and public affairs and cultural events.

Communicate regularly with listeners and viewers about local news and public affairs.

  1. Develop outreach materials to let people know about station coverage of local news and public affairs programs and feature it on the website, the video channel, Twitter and Facebook. Include information about all the station resources including KPFA, KPFB, KPFA video channel, KPFA Facebook, KPFA Twitter, KPFA on You Tube and with program archives.
  1. Post written local news and public affairs stories on the KPFA website so that they can be accessed through computer searches
  1. Increase (through training and recruitment of volunteers) our capacity to provide responses to emails and calls that are received at the station.

Subcommittee Proposal by Janet Kobren
Move that the LSB form an ad-hoc subcommittee of 3 or more LSB members to explore the need for subcommittees of the KPFA LSB and come up with a proposal for next steps at the July LSB meeting.

No objections to postponing discussion on this proposal to May meeting.

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