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Mitch Jeserich is a journalist and host of Pacifica’s Letters & Politics (M-Th at 10am PST) and currently on special assignment as Pacifica’s Capitol Hill correspondent in Washington D.C to cover the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. Tune in for live reports on UpFront’s Impeachment Watch Live from Capitol Hill with Mitch Jeserich every weekday at 7am PST.


First public impeachment hearings on President Trump to take place next week

Thursday, Nov 7, 2019

Today is the second to last day of House hearings on impeachment, and under major media scrutiny – John Bolton did not appear. Two others did testify: first, Jennifer Williams, the top aid of Vice President Mike Pence on what his offices knew. Then, Lt Colonel Alexander Vindman appeared again, to go over his transcript, perhaps to revise it. Next week, the first public impeachment hearings will take place on November 13th with William Taylor and George Kent, and Nov 15th with Marie Yavanovich. Hosted by Brian Edwards-Tiekert and Cat Brooks.

Depositions reveal more on what was happening inside the State Department, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s role

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019

Today on Capitol Hill, House Committees will hear testimony from David Hale, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs. Transcripts from Michael McKinley’s testimony this week reveal more on what happened inside the State Department, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s role in the alternative policy directive for Ukraine, to politically benefit Trump. Plus, Gordon Sondland, the US Ambassador to the EU, returned to Capitol Hill to correct his testimony, his mind perhaps refreshed by threat of a possible perjury charge. Hosted by Brian Edwards-Tiekert and Cat Brooks.

Again, Trump officials fail to appear – including all officials subpoenaed from the Office of Management and Budget, charged with overseeing the military aid for Ukraine

Tuesday, Nov 5, 2019

Depositions were scheduled to continue today, but for the second day this week, Trump officials have failed to appear. Thursday former National Security Adviser John Bolton is scheduled to appear, but its doubtful he’ll show up. Sean Duffy, with the Office of Management and Budget charged with overseeing the aid for Ukraine, did not show up. No officials from the office has appeared before Congress.

Four White House officials plan to defy impeachment inquiry and fail to appear

Monday, Nov 4, 2019

Depositions were scheduled to continue today, but four White House officials close to the President, that were subpoenaed by House Democrats planned to not show up: Trump lawyer John Eisenberg who moved the call transcript to a private server, associate counsel Michael Ellis, and Robert Blair and Brian McCormick with the Office of Management and Government (governing the Ukraine military aid). What recourse do Democrats have? And what will the House deposition transcripts, to be released this week, show? These issues and more, with Mitch Jeserich. Hosted by Brian Edwards-Tiekert and Cat Brooks.

A divided House votes on the rules of impeachment, and an important precedent

Friday, Nov 1, 2019

Analyzing the votes on the impeachment proceedings: two Democrats split and vote with Republicans who bitterly criticize the proceedings. What kind of precedent is being set? Democrats are concerned if they can’t be successful in impeaching Donald Trump, it risks checks and balances, the balance of powers between the legislative and executive branches. Hosted by Jeannine Etter.

Live: House debates rules of impeachment inquiry

Thursday, Oct 31, 2019

As we go to air, the US House has opened the vote on the rules of the impeachment proceedings, starting with debate by House members. “There’s a lot of gravity on this moment right now,” Mitch explains the debate around the resolution on the impeachment rules, process, and timeline. Plus, featuring interviews with Rep Jim McGovern (D-MA), Chair of House Rules Committee and Rep Devin Nunes (R-CA), ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee. Hosted by Brian Edwards-Tiekert and Cat Brooks.

Impeachment Deposition: US Army Colonel Alexander Vindman on Trump’s call with Ukraine President Zelensky testifies before Congress he was alarmed by the call

Wednesday, Oct 30, 2019

Catherine Croft and Christopher Anderson, top State Department aids to Kurt Volker, Trump’s ex-envoy to Ukraine testify for the impeachment inquiry today. Analysis of testimony by Alexander Vindman, a US Army Colonel working for the National Security Council who was on the call with Trump and Ukraine President Zelensky – did Trump staffers take out parts of the transcript before releasing to the public? Also featuring interviews with Rep Maxine Waters (D-CA), Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH), and Ralph Nader on Nancy Pelosi. Hosted by Brian Edwards-Tiekert and Cat Brooks.

House to vote on rules for impeachment inquiry on Thursday, Oct 31

Tuesday, Oct 29, 2019

The House will take up a vote for the rules of the impeachment proceedings this Thursday, and answer to Republicans criticism about the process moving forward behind closed doors. Plus, we hear interviews with Rep Adam Schiff (D-CA), Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, and Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH) who is defending the President’s actions. Hosted by Brian Edwards-Tiekert and Cat Brooks.

Congress vs. Executive power: Judge to rule on whether Charles Kupperman must appear to testify on impeachment

Monday Oct 28, 2019

Last week, three House Committees subpoenaed Charles Kupperman, an aid to National Security Adviser John Bolton, to testify for the impeachment inquiry. But Trump ordered him not to appear, so he went to a judge on Friday to ask who to follow. The judge has yet to rule. Also at the Capitol, Gordon Sondland returns to testify and tells the Committees it was a quid pro quo. Plus, we speak with East Bay Rep Eric Swalwell (D-CA) on what happens next, after House Committees wrap up impeachment depositions. And what’s ahead at Capitol Hill this week, for Democrats and for Republicans. Hosted by Brian Edwards-Tiekert and Cat Brooks.

Weekly Roundup: How this impeachment process compares to others; plus the importance of Bill Taylor’s testimony

Friday Oct. 25, 2019

How does this impeachment process compare to the past four impeachment inquiries? None of which have successfully removed a president from office. Mitch also discusses why Bill Taylor’s testimony is so damning for President Trump’s case. Hosted by Jeannine Etter.


Unprecedented: 40 House Republicans storm impeachment deposition

Thursday Oct. 24, 2019

40 House Republicans stormed close-door impeachment hearings Wednesday and disrupted the proceeding, stayed for 5 hours, and delaying Laura Cooper, a Pentagon official’s testimony. Mitch describes the scene “in my many years of covering Congress, I’ve never seen something like that happen.” Plus, Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) is honored and his body lain in state in the US Capitol. Hosted by Cat Brooks.


The Process: why Democrats are moving the way they are, and why Republicans are criticizing the secrecy

Weds Oct. 23, 2019

Around 40 Republican lawmakers demanded to be let into the closed door House Intelligence deposition process. Republicans are repeatedly attacking the impeachment process in defense of Trump, and demanding transparency. Mitch interviews Rep Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) about these obstacles in the impeachment process. Hosted by Cat Brooks.


NEW: Impeachment Watch Live with Mitch Jeserich on Capitol Hill

Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2019

We are thrilled to announce our very own Mitch Jeserich, host of Pacifica’s Letters & Politics and a contributor to UpFront is in Washington DC. For the next few weeks, he’ll be covering the impeachment inquiry into President Trump, with live reports each morning at 7am. Today, we discuss former Ambassador to Ukraine, William Taylor set to testifying for the impeachment inquiry. Mitch speaks to Rep Al Green (D-TX), and a former judge, about the impeachment process. He also explains the rules of the House Intelligence Committee’s closed-door deposition process and what it means for impeachment. Hosted by Cat Brooks.

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