March 20, 2018 – The War On Injured Kaiser Workers In California

WorkWeek Radio reports on the 370 day strike of the USW 5114 Workers at Idaho’s Lucky Friday mine. They are fighting for health and safety rights.
Next, WorkWeek looks at the war on injured Kaiser workers. We hear from three injured orthopedic technicians, David Gonzalez, Dina Worthington and Derrik Erickson who worked at the Kaiser Stockton and Modesto hospitals. They had injuries and then were terminated in a frame-up they charge to get rid of senior injured workers. The lawyers representing the workers discuss the documents that they have discovered that financially incentivized managers to punish and terminate injured workers. Their attorneys Gary Gwilliam and Jayme L. Walker charge that these policies were part of the profiteering by Kaiser bosses and executive management.
WorkWeek then interviews former Kaiser workers Dina Padilla who was a Kaiser SEIU member in Sacramento representing Kaiser workers on the Sacramento Labor Council and Gail Shephard who as a orthopedic technician at the Kaiser Downey hospital which was build on a super fund toxic dump site.
Padilla reports about the targeting of over 100 senior and minority Kaiser workers in the Sacramento area and the dangerous health and safety conditions in the area including mold. She also discusses the refusal of SEIU which was representing the workers to process arbitrations and protect the injured workers.
Gail Shephard talks about how discovered that workers were being contaminated because of the highly toxic site that Kaiser built their hospital on and how she and her family and pets were contaminated. She reports her pet and her daugher died from contaminated material that she had brought back from her job.

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