March 13, 2018 – UTR CTA Charters Moratorium and Corruption

WorkWeek looks at the recent action by the Richmond City Council to put a moratorium on the construction of new schools and co-locations and the threat of co-locations and charters. We are joined by City of Richmond city council member Eduardo Martinez and retired UTR teacher and anti-privatization activist Carlo Taboada. They discuss the role of the California Charter School Association to bully agencies to get more charters.
Next, WorkWeek investigates the growing threat of a take over by pro-charter and privatization forces of the UTR and other CTA locals in California. Teach For America and other teachers trained by privatizers are now seeking to gain union office to push their agenda of co-locations and more charters. The CTA leadership has also supported new charters as long as they are unionized.
WorkWeek is joined by UTR teacher and anti-charter activist Kristyn Jones.

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