July 10, 2018 – Deerfield On Immigrant Youth OEA Co-locations with Jones Cooper And Mike Stout

WorkWeek Radio looks at the increasing terrorist attacks by ICE on immigrant youth and their parents at schools on the border. We interview Nina Deerfield who is the the board of Palomar Community College in San Diego. She also discusses the privatization and racist attacks on Latinos in Escondido California by charter school advocates.
Next, WorkWeek looks at the recent NEA national convention where a resolution was passed against co-locations to bust up public schools by placing charters in them. We interview Kristyn Jones who was a delegate from the United Teachers of Richmond UTR and Carmen Cooper who was a delegate from Camden Education Association in New Jersey.
We then listen to the labor music of Mike Stout and talk to him about the struggle of workers in Pennsylvania and what happened to the steel industry.

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