January 22, 2019 – UTLA Settlement MLK Labor And Support For Gen Strike Against Slave Labor

WorkWeek Radio hears from a UTLA nurse about the proposed contract with the LAUSD for 33,000 members in Los Angeles.

Next, WorkWeek talks with trade unionists who are marching on MLK day in San Francisco about the issues they face in 2019 and the fight of MLK.

Last, WorkWeek interviews Robert Hennelly a journalist who writes for Salon, Money Watch and is on Pacifica, WNYC and CBS money watch. He discusses his call for a general strike against the shutdown of the government, the condition of Federal workers and contractors along with the threat to all working people.

Additional media and links.
Stop Privatization & Slave Labor On MLK Day 2019 In SF Workers Speak Out!

UTLA Teachers SPEAK OUT As UTLA Puts Off Strike Until 1/14/19…erring-mlks-dream/


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