February 5, 2019 – AFA Pres. General Strike Call, Chicago Bus Drivers Weather and Mexican Labor Strike Wave


WorkWeek interviews Sara Nelson who is the president of the CWA Airline Flight Attendants. She represents over 50,000 flight attendants and talks about why she called for a general strike at a commemoration on MLK day. She discusses the conditions that airline workers and other working people are facing. Nelson also calls for rallies throughout the country on February 16, 2019 when President Trump has threatened to shut down the government again.

Next, WorkWeek hears about the dire dangers to bus drivers in Chicago and the public because of the dangerous weather conditions. We talk with Erek Slater who is a driver at Chicago MTA and is on the executive board of ATU 192 about these conditions and the need to protect workers and the public.

Last, WorkWeek looks at the growing mass strike rebellion in Montamoros, Mexico where over 70,000 factory workers have struck for living wages and decent working conditions. They have been joined by workers throughout the country. We talk with Al Rojas who is a founder of the UFWA and also with the Labor Council For Latin America in Sacramento. We also interview Alan Benjamin who is a delegate to the San Francisco Labor Council and was recently with a labor delegation from the San Francisco Labor Council that went to Mexico city for the inauguration of Lopez Obrador.




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