August 21, 2018 – The IBU UPS Contract And SF State Strike And Labor

WorkWeek on July 21, 2018 looks at the UPS contract fight that effects over 260,000 Teamsters. The Hoffa leadership has pushed a contract that includes permanent two-tier workers some at $13 and $15 an hour. John Palmer, an IBT International Vice President from the South and Agelo Demma who is a IBT steward and member of IBT 2785 talk about the reality of a two tier contract and why Teamsters are angry about the terrible conditions that this will bring.
Next, WorkWeek hears about the San Francisco 1968 strike and the connection with the labor movement. The San Francisco State Strike was supported by AFT 1352, the San Francisco Labor Council and ILWU Local 10 which offered jobs to strike teachers, staff and students.
This forum was held on July 12, 2018 at ILWU Local 34 in San Francisco.
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